The strategy of the special fund in favour of environment is based on:

     - Participative approach which involves population at all levels( men, youths and women) the private sector ,decentralized territorial collectivities, development partners, political authorities, local and central administrators

     - An approach to development planning with multiple objectives, takes into account the development programs of decentralized and national level whose elaboration bases on identified projects at local level

     - The target groups which are expected to play a major and central role in the fund actions include women and young men

     - Establishment of a positive synergy and effective beneficiaries appropriation at all levels(national & local) Currently, it intervenes on four major basic areas:

     - Conservation of biodiversity

     - Fight against climate change

     - Fight against desertification - Strategic transversal area establishing relationship among the aforementioned areas and other similar activities, for instance: capacity building, fight against pollution and nuisance, environmental crises management etc.