The Special fund in favour of environment was established based on Chadian government wish in the year 1998.It was rendered operational in 2012, in order to guarantee the need of those working on environment sector through facilitation and access to mobilize necessary resources for projects finance which contributes towards the process of environmental reform as well as its protection against negative impacts.
Ceation,Objectives and Mission
The Special Fund in favour of environment was created by the law no.014/PR/98 on the 17th of August 1998, which defines the general principles of environment protection and preservation. It is a financial instrument put in place by the government of Chad Republic to support its environmental policy in response to the recurrent environmental problems such as environment degradation, especially the rapid desert advancement. It became operational in 2012 following a presidential decree no. 168/PR/MERH/2012, which determines the modality of its run and function.
The main objectives of the fund is to reveal the paramount importance of environment, its value, preservation and restoration from degradation as well as natural resources management. To this end, its mission consists of searching for finance both at national and international level in order to support and sponsor studies, research, training and all other actions leading to favour environment preservation and efficient natural resources management.
Strategy and areas of intervention
The strategy of the special fund in favour of environment is based on:
     - Participative approach which involves population at all levels( men, youths and women) the private sector ,decentralized territorial collectivities, development partners, political authorities, local and central administrators
     - An approach to development planning with multiple objectives, takes into account the development programs of decentralized and national level whose elaboration bases on identified projects at local level
     - The target groups which are expected to play a major and central role in the fund actions include women and young men
     - Establishment of a positive synergy and effective beneficiaries appropriation at all levels(national & local) Currently, it intervenes on four major basic areas:
     - Conservation of biodiversity
     - Fight against climate change
     - Fight against desertification - Strategic transversal area establishing relationship among the aforementioned areas and other similar activities, for instance: capacity building, fight against pollution and nuisance, environmental crises management etc.
Institutional Framework
The special fund in favour of environment is a public right institution, endowed with moral, personal and financial autonomy. It works under the guardianship of the ministry of environment and fishery. It is composed of the following principal organs;
     - Board of directors which is a consultative organ whose main function is to give orientation and takes decision.
     - General management is an operational organ.
     - Technical and scientific committee which is a consultative organ
     - Regional committees of preselect ion
     - Local antennae for follow up and advice ,presently represented by regional delegates from Agriculture as well Environment and Fishery
The fund resources are provided by;
     - State and local communities subventions/grants
     - Subvention or Grant accrued from national organizations, foreign funds of similar organizations and various technical and financial partners
     - 50% of dues paid to the public treasury for forest exploitation, fauna and water resources
     - Dues for environment protection - Reimbursement of registration fees for study on environment
     - Fines from damages caused on environment - Gifts and offers for environment cause
     - Reimbursement charges for environment as a result of damages caused by enterprises such as pollution, oil spillage etc
The fund resources are meant for the following purposes;
     . Activities contributing to natural resources management, preservation and protection of environment
     . Activities aimed at restoring degraded environment
     . Researches, studies and training related to environment
     . Incentive measures provided for environment legislation
     . Expenditure for the smooth run of special fund in favour of environment
     . Expenses related to contributions based on conventions, terms and agreement for environment programs and projects for the execution of environment activities
     . Activities deemed useful for the protection of environment
Major achievements
Since its inauguration on 2012 following the nomination of a General Manager, the fund activities were on top gear since May 2013. A dynamic team of technical and administrative personnel were put in place for the smooth run of the institution. The team tasked with the noble mission of smooth run of the institution, was able to achieve the following major realizations such as resource mobilization and projects finance among others. In terms of resource mobilization at national level, this includes:
     - An information and communication campaign meetings with technical and financial partners who are present in Chad for better understanding of FSE and exchange of ideas on the possibility of partnership;
     - Elaboration of centering document for instance administrative manual, financial and accounting process and strategic framework of planning 2014-2016;
     - Financing about 50% out of 37 micro projects following the first offer proposition(total amount:400million FCFA)
     - Production of various communication support;
     - Information and awareness creation missions for companies and enterprises on the bases of well-founded tax payment for environment protection ;
     - Organization of workshop training with intention of advocating financial rules for environment protection tax recovery ;
     - The launch of first projects offer proposition ;
     - Patronage of 3 bimonthly magazine edition(Chad Environment) ;
     - Realization of mission on the evaluation of crude oil dumping impacts in petrol site of koudalwa ;
     - Patronage for organizing an information and communication awareness creation day on the importance of Bodeles du Jourab dust in maintaining global ecosystem ;
     - Support for the elaboration of national program on environment education;
     - Elaboration and validation of about forty projects slips ;
     - Putting in practice of a mixed comity for environment protection tax ;
     - Signing an agreement for two regional action plan and four local action plan for the fight against desertification in southern and western Ennedi.
Major constraints
The main resource of the special fund in favour of environment for the moment includes environment protection tax. Unfortunately, its payment is done in a weak and substandard ways not conforming to annual provisions. The weak way of uncovering the tax is due to the reticence caused by the agreement signed between the state as well as mining and oil exploitation companies on one side and government financial and structural institutions on the other side, which usually disregard or rather ignore the existence of environment protection tax or misunderstand the modalities of its recovery.
Another difficulty the institution is confronted with is the untimely release of state subvention or grant from national treasury due to the unified account. The funds are not released on time when the needs arise for financing projects. The situation often jeopardizes the smooth run of activities; hence scheduled calendar is not obeyed or perturbed.
The special fund in favour of environment focuses on micro projects for the time being with regard to the limited and available means of resources as well as taking into account the ample opportunities of the ambitious national plan, which intends to finance huge projects with significant impacts in the near future. These projects therefore, need sufficient finance hence, the necessity of searching for external resources from international donors to complement the national ones.