Northern regions projects witness evolution in terms o...

Northern regions projects witness evolution in terms of execution The special fund in favor of Environment’s monitoring and evaluation mission held working sessions with projects’ promoters in Wadi Fira, Wadai Ennedi West and Batha Date 09/05/2016.

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A follow-up and evaluation mission of projects financed by the Special Fund in favor of  environment  has headed on the  5th  to 14th  September 2016,  to the  cities  of Oumhadjer, Abeché,,  Biltine  and local government of  Ounianga in the  western province of Ennedi, where it held working session  meetings with local officials, organizations and associations benefiting from the fund’s finance.

In the town of Oum Hadjer, Local Committee for  Actions Secretary General  Mr. Dexia reported that his Association  intervenes  in the fight against global warming through an experimental project of solar energy in Oum Hadjer local government rural

area, which aims generally to improve the living conditions of the rural population through: street lighting , families cooking times, enhance communication across  public television screens, and  mobile  recharge cabins. Mr Dexia confirms that the first
 funding received by his Association was spent on awareness creation to educate villagers about the urgent need for the use of solar energy. He assures that the company executing the project work has started building rooms for televisions screens and mobile phones
  recharge cabins as all equipments and devices are ready to be set up but the rain season has  hindered the workflow due to the poor quality of the roads leading to the targeted areas


                                                               A cross-section of mobile phone recharge cabins


On the other hand, the International consultation office  in Abeché benefited with a sum of 37,425,050 million francs FCAF. Reduction in  household energy consumption is the area of ​​intervention of the association, the project provides improved metal stoves in the city to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment through the available resources as well as sound management, hence, the specific  goal of the project aims at  firewood consumption reduction, through the upgrade of solar energy-saving technologies. The coordinator of the International Consultation Office Muhammad Djida Muhammad said, that his association has trained local artisans on how to manufacture stoves, their benefits and the demonstration to display their performance, he further explained that there had been a number of improved manufactured  stoves and the industry will continue its manufacturing process to bring the number up to 2,000 stove.



                          Monitoring and evaluation head  meets the Association coordinator fabricated Metal plate stoves

The third step of the Mission was Biltine town where the economic , social development and environmental protection Association has  benefited from the funding of special fund in favor of environment. The association works in the field of environmental protection within the framework of the struggle against desertification and sensitizing  the population about strategies to adapti to the effects of climate changes . The Association engaged  training courses on arts of trees production  and  seedlings in order to restore soil for the purpose  of agriculture.










                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Association  for economic ,social development and environmental protection

The Association’s training instructor has said the training took place in two different locations, where men and women coming from six villages of Biltine and Mata were being trained . The subjects of the   training  included  two-stages, theory and applied session on arts of seedling production and  trees plantation   as well as  degraded soils restoratio